A little about the farmstead blog!

Hey! Thanks for checking out our website! We are in the process of transforming our little hobby farm from providing just for us to being a local source for produce, eggs, meat, and plants! Thanks for joining us on this journey! In future blog posts you can expect to see not only the good, but also the bad and sometimes ugly as we learn and grow with our farmstead. Being able to have a connection with where your food comes from is something that is becoming more prominent these days, and we love it!! Building better food systems starts with you making a conscious choice about where you buy your groceries, and we are so happy to be a part of that! We promise to pack our blog with real and useful content to help you make better decisions around food for your family.

Some blog posts you can expect to see!

  • What is “Pastured Poultry” and how is it different from store-bought chicken?
  • What makes a “Farm Fresh Egg” so delicious?
  • Making sense of store labels
  • Is backyard chicken keeping for me?
chicken love

All these things and so much more!! Come back soon to see what we’re posting next!!❤️